Mining Data Center Planned in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Richardson has been chosen as a landing spot for a large data center development initiated by EdgeCore Internet Real Estate. The firm is worth several billion dollars. It parters with GIC, a much larger firm with assets totaling a value greater than $100 billion.

With Dallas-Fort Worth being one of the most cryptocurrency active areas in the nation for the mining colocation data center market, the decision makes sense. The firm is looking to establish a national presence, with this development being one of six that will be initiated throughout the United States.

The development has not yet been zoned, although Mount Elbert Capital Partners is actively looking for zoning. As of now, the plan is for the development to occupy an area larger than 33 acres.

The development is part of an ongoing surge in the development of Dallas as a national power in the data market. The northern parts of Virginia are currently the most active markets, but Dallas-Fort Worth is quickly on the rise. The venture is exciting, and will likely bring jobs into the area for matters of construction in the near term. In the long term, this development will continue to help the area grow a new market of high tech jobs.

With the advent of big data and software becoming an active part of business fundamentals, the investment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may just be the beginning of what could eventually be a string of developments from a variety of firms looking for a location for data and software centers across the nation. The magnitude of the investment shows the potential that the area offers for the future.